What we do
is who we are.

Sophie Price

Account Manager

Kat Brown


Jon Gordon

Managing Director

Diane Morgan-Naylor

Finance Manager

Ashley Matthews

Creative Director

Yasmin Bryan

Lead Designer

Natalie Fearn

Design Studio Manager

Jade Vowles

Assistant Creative Editor

Adrian Eyre

Events Manager

Rolande Hall

Creative Production Manager

Vix Phillipson

Head of Client Services

Nolan Benson

Senior Producer

How we work

The TMG makers are always striving for better. We won’t coast off last month’s campaign success, we want new, exciting, unique, meaningful every time.

We make it simple

We don’t communicate vaguely or complicate things with pretentious jargon. We make real creative that works: Films, campaigns, events.

We make it matter

We don’t waffle or put content out for content’s sake. We make work that is moving, meaningful and unforgettable. Work that makes the world a little better.

We make it smart

We know the difference between a trend and a fad. We won’t jump on something because it’s the ‘in’ thing unless we know it will make a lasting difference to your audience, you brand and your business.

We make it happen

If nothing gets made, nothing gets changed. It’s important to make sure what we’re making is great, but we always make sure what we’re making can, and will, get made.

Join us

We’re always looking for people who love the craft. If you don’t see your ideal role written down, drop us a note anyway and tell us what makes you tick

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