We love a win-win situation

We’re a responsible business, and we want our clients and community to thrive. Here are some of the ways we go about it.

Responsible business practices:
We’re not just in it for the short-term. Our clients want to know that we will treat them and their customers professionally, protect confidential information, act with integrity and honesty in all our dealings and be transparent and open about how we run our business. We don’t make political donations or take party political positions.

Supporting our colleagues:
We are proud of the people who work for The Media Group and want to attract and retain talented, ambitious people to work with us. Many of the people we attract are motivated by working for a company that behaves responsibly and invests in developing their careers.

Investing in our communities:
We look at every proposal for support which comes from the community and every year select a number of projects to support – these may be individual sponsorships, teams and clubs or broader initiatives.

We work with Nottingham University’s Into University project to encourage young people from disadvantaged areas to take up university degree courses.

Environmental management:
We are proud of our environmental record and awards for recycling and green policies. We think about how any of our actions will have an impact on the environment and act accordingly. All appropriate materials are recycled.

Let's make something great together.