Career highlights with TMG’s new Head of Client Services 

Written by: Gabriella Papaiacovou

Great people make great things happen. And TMG’s Vix has been making it happen with us for over 10 years now. As Vix takes on a new challenge within the company as Head of Client Services, we take the opportunity to hear her career highlights and what the future holds for our makers with this new role.

Vix! You’ve been a staple in the TMG family for over 10 years now, where did it all start?

I’ve got to say, I never thought I’d be in the same place for so long! It’s pretty unusual in our industry, but it’s because my career at TMG has been so flexible. Every time I’ve thought about potentially moving on I’ve been presented with a new challenge or a more challenging role, so it’s really kept me engaged and excited to be part of TMG.

I’ve had quite a broad career, but it all began with TMG as an assistant producer. It was a great way to get to know the industry and work we do. I met so many people from different backgrounds and it was this experience that really helped me hone in on my listening skills, to help bring out people’s personal experiences in an engaging way which we could then turn into creative video and content.


What drives your creative passion?

For me, I’ve always enjoyed the delivery. Seeing our client’s reactions to the video and campaigns that we’ve made after all the work that’s gone into it. Seeing it out in the world and the impact it has.

I’ve always preferred working in those more hard-hitting areas too like safeguarding, disabilities, young people – they’re the most rewarding because you know what you’re doing is genuinely making a difference. You get to see someone’s story and journey, even if that journey is a difficult one. Ultimately what we create inspires others and educates – that’s the work that keeps me motivated.

It’s hard to sum up 10 years of career highlights, but give us a few you’re most proud of?

A huge highlight has definitely been working with The FA’s grassroots team. Meeting the incredible, selfless volunteers who make football happen in their community week in, week out. It’s been an honour to work on so many campaigns that have inspired more people to play!

Going back to those hard hitting subjects, I’ve absolutely loved working with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. Capturing the transformational journey of disadvantaged young people and seeing them grow and develop their talents has been incredible. For me, that’s been as rewarding as meeting some of those big England stars like Beckham and Michael Owen!

I’m also really proud of the work our creative team did around anti drugs in football. I got to listen to some incredible stories of amazing football players who ended up struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, but then came out the other side and shared the story of how they did it. Delivering a message that can help someone to change their life is so rewarding, it’s hard not to feel proud!

The events side has also allowed me to experience some incredible venues and some iconic spaces. I remember visiting The FA offices in Soho square, and being one of the first people inside Wembley when it was first built! It’s definitely exciting to experience that behind the scenes access that comes with the job.


What made you transition from producer to your previous role as account manager? And how did you find the role change?

After my maternity I knew I wanted something where I could help drive new ideas, get more involved in the concept phase and ensure quality control. Making our work bigger and better than before, pushing us and our clients to do our best on everything we produce.

I loved the transition, especially as I had first hand experience being on the other side.

Sitting in the account management side really helped me to drive our standards too. Making something just for the sake of it isn’t our style. Everything we create has to have a real purpose, so I’m always pushing our clients on the ‘why’. Why and how will this make someone feel, think, or do something differently? And why does it matter?

And I’m proud to say that my clients do always come back for more, as they are so proud of the work we produced together. The fact we get recommended so much is definitely a testament to our passion and hard work!


You’re now officially TMG’s Head of Client Services (congrats!) – what does this mean for the future of the company and your own career?

A big focus for me will be around pushing us to always produce fresh, new, different, exciting ideas on everything we do. To continue that high quality, creative work that never gets stale or boring!

I’ll ultimately be responsible for keeping my finger on the pulse to ensure our clients get a high quality level of service across the board and experience the very best of what TMG can deliver.

It’s not just about our clients being happy either. It’s our makers too! Helping them to progress from junior to senior roles, nurturing their talent.

Ultimately, it’s making sure we’re always proud of what we’re working on and what we deliver, being able to share it proudly with friends and seeing the results translate in the real world – that’s what keeps us passionate.


In another 10 years, when you’re still making it happen at TMG, where do you hope the company will be?

It’s so important that we stick to our ethos. We recently underwent a huge brand update and it really is so true to what we believe in and stand for – which is making things that change things. All whilst keeping to our friendly and supportive nature.

Over the next decade we’ll continue to bring in new, diverse clients and work that continues to challenge us so we can strengthen our skills further.

I’d also like to strengthen our position in the sports world and governing bodies as we really excel here and have produced some incredible work for the sector.

I hope to see us working at a more local level in Nottingham too. We’re currently more national focused but I think we can make a big difference to the local brands in our community.


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